Empowering you to serve people in need

ADS Humanitarian works around the world with government and non-government organizations, building efficient, effective solutions to urgent, complex problems.



Empowering our customers to serve people in need around the world is not only our passion, it is the embodiment of our mission.

We understand that serving people in need is not just about the right equipment at the right time. It’s about sustainment, integration, doing more with less and maximizing shrinking budgets. You can count on ADS to get you ready for anything.

Global support

We understand the challenges and rewards of fieldwork — we work there too.

ADS team members work side by side with NGOs, the United Nations, host governments and community leaders problems for our customers in real time.

We don’t stop at the port or the warehouse or the border — our legendary customer service will take you through the last mile, to make sure help gets where it is needed most.

The right relationships

Through deep in-house knowledge and longstanding relationships with more than 3,000 industry-leading suppliers, we aggregate solutions to your challenges.

ADS has the partnerships and on-staff knowledge that allow us to identify and integrate the best commercial off-the-shelf options, which we then kit and deliver as complete solutions.



Identifying available products and technologies and formulating the best solution to meet each requirement takes time and resources — two things most often in short supply. We leverage our expertise and relationships to find the right solutions — quickly.

Manufacturers and Suppliers


Our warehouse, shipping and logistics teams are experts in delivering entire solutions, when and where you need them.

More that 185,000
square feet of ADS-owned
warehouse space
One-site packaging capabilities
Certified to the ISO
9001:2008 quality and
delivery management system


Agility and responsiveness are the hallmarks of effective humanitarian relief — especially when lives are on the line.

Customer Support
In-person Execution
Quality Assurance


Local sourcing of equipment and supplies reduces costs and shortens delivery times. Just as importantly, it can create economic opportunities for communities in distress
by building sustainable business as they build sustainable solutions.

Local Sourcing
Local Labor

ADS at Work


ADS Supports the Ebola Response in Liberia

In October 2014, as the international community launched its response to the growing Ebola crisis in Liberia, ADS was called upon to provide in-country support to those entrusted with stopping the spread of this deadly virus.

Originally tasked with sourcing and supplying plywood for the construction of 12 field hospitals, ADS eventually delivered ready-to-go comprehensive hospital solutions for the area in need.

From washing machines and water tanks to machetes and medical equipment, the ADS team on the ground in Monrovia and in Virginia Beach delivered help where it was needed.

Our Process at Work


Challenge: Hospital workers needed 85,000 pairs of protective boots.

Solution: Calling on its global
network of more than 3000 suppliers, ADS sourced the boots directly from the manufacturer in Portugal, then chartered flights to make sure the boots were delivered directly to Monrovia.


Challenge: Proper hospital sanitation and sewage systems—particularly in an Ebola hot zone—are critical to preventing the spread of disease.

Solution: ADS was able to source, kit and deliver integrated sewage and plumbing systems to support 12 field hospitals across Liberia. Each complex system contained more than 60 separate components in varying quantities, delivered on-site, on-time.


Challenge: When seven days of rain washed out key roads to the more isolated field hospitals, immediate support was needed to ensure that the flow of relief supplies went uninterrupted.

Solution: ADS delivered 36,000 tons of gravel for hospital construction and sanitation and hired dozens of trucks and truck drivers to deliver directly to hospital sites when World Food Program distribution got backed up.

Two ADS team members were on the ground, personally inspecting ADS-sourced supplies to ensure everything met the highest standards for quality.


Challenge: The CDC needed 170K specialized medical aprons to help protect healthcare workers.

Solution: ADS identified manufacturers of the heavy-duty plastic textile required in the UK and Greece, purchased and transported it to Monrovia, then hired Liberian seamstresses to cut and sew the finished aprons.

During the four months they were on the ground, the ADS team and their Liberian partners employed more than 200 local nationals, sourcing, producing and
delivering supplies across Liberia.

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